PPG Newsletter




What we have discussed so far? 

Use of social media and online services

There is a Facebook page. The improved webpage is linked to the online service Patient Access and eConsult. A new, more user-friendly website is under construction and will launch soon.



Electronic repeat dispensing is now up and running. According to practice figures, there is no backlog. A clinical pharmacist works from home checking and processing repeat prescriptions. The prescription pathway is now auditable electronically at both the practice and the chemist.



image of a GP appointment


The window for advance booking of appointments has been increased to 4 weeks for GPs, and 6 weeks for nurses. There are 60 pre-bookable appointments per week. Roughly 50% of appointments are “face to face” following telephone triage. The high number of no-shows was 40%, However, you still are not able to book appointments online. We are working on this. 


Length of time taken for telephone calls to be answered

Date Total Number Of Calls % Answered  % Missed Average Time To Answer Connected Calls
21/02/21 2634 35.3 64.7 45mins
14/08/21 1073 87.7 35.3 7mins

Improvement due to extra staff answering phone calls


Complaints procedure

The details for this are on the website but details could change


New section on one page

The PPG has 15 patient members with a wide range of backgrounds and is always willing to welcome new ones.

COVID has made it difficult for all to improve our medical practice.  However, please come and join us.  Details are on the webpage. For further details see the PPG page on the practice website or contact us via our online form